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Eppendorf epMotion Liquid Handeling Workstations F.A.Q and Troubleshooting

epMotion Liquid Handling Workstations

How many deck positions do the various epMotion liquid handling workstations have?

The positions on the deck of the four epMotion models are as follows:

epMotion 5070: 4 positions
epMotion 5075 LH: 12 positions
epMotion 5075 VAC: 11 open positions and 1 vacuum station
epMotion 5075 MC: 9 open positions and an area for a Mastercycler

Various accessories and labware with a uniform area can be fixed in the positions on the deck. Each position satisfies the requirements of the SBS* Microplate Specifications for microplates. The following materials can be used: micro test plates (MTP), racks with pipette tips, racks for tubes, racks for tubs, Thermoblocks for Eppendorf micro test tubes, particular tubes, and PCR plates.

*SBS: Society for Biomolecular Screening

Can the epMotion workstations be controlled with a PC?

Not directly. Operation of the epMotion workstations is carried out using a Control Panel; a PC isn’t necessary. The Control Panel can be operated using the integrated keypad or the mouse. Programming of methods can be carried out either using the Control Panel or a PC (optional with epMotion Editor software). Method programs written on a PC can be transported to the Control Panel (and vice versa) with a MultiMediaCard™ (MMC). Printouts from method programs or from the log file can only be carried out using the PC.

The MMC also serves as a medium for saving method programs outside of the Control Panel or PC, as well as to update methods or software.

What purpose does the Optical Sensor serve?

Up to three different functions can be carried out with the Optical Sensor. First, the sensor can be used to check the number and type of tips currently found on the deck. Second, the labware used (plate, holder, and rack types) can be scanned in order to check whether the labware actually being used is positioned correctly and matches the labware defined in the method. Third, the Optical Sensor can determine the liquid level in tubes, reagent reservoirs, and even micro test plates.

What is the working volume range of the epMotion workstations?

The epMotion workstations can pipette or dispense 1 µl to 1,000 µl: The volume range is subdivided into three ranges (1 µl–50 µl, 20 µl–300 µl, and 40 µl–1,000 µl), which are segmented according to the individual dispensing tool

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