XP105 DeltaRange

XP105 DeltaRange – Mettler Toledo

With the Excellence Plus XP, METTLER TOLEDO has set another milestone in the world of analytical balances. Cutting-edge innovations bring unprecedented weighing performance and set new standards in terms of personnel, sample and data security.

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Mettler Toledo XP603S Precision Balance

Excellence Plus XP precision balances offer maximum security in regulated environments. The touchscreen display guides the user through applications and warns with color if tolerances are violated. Innovative, built-in QM tools enforce quality guidelines and manage passwords and access rights for up to 8 users.
The outstanding performance increases productivity. Thanks to hands-free operation and wireless data transfer with Bluetooth, weighing toxic substances becomes safer than ever.

Mettler Toledo MX5 Micro Balance

The METTLER TOLEDO MX is an innovative micro balance, which sets new world standards for weighing performance, user friendliness and quality standards. The AX has the highest resolution of any analytical balance in existence: an unmatched 50 million digits. A brilliant touch screen display, intelligent user guidance, and hands-free infrared draft shield control make this highly-precise balance faster, easier and more fun to use than ever before.