Eppendorf 5415C Centrifuge

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The Eppendorf 5415C micro centrifuge (microcentrifuge) is an excellent choice for a bench-top centrifuge at an excellent price that will separate precipitates and liquids.
The 5415C generally comes equipped with a F-45-18-11 45 degree angled rotor that accepts 18 1.5mL tubes. The diameter of these tubes is 11mm, but if you are in need of a different size Eppendorf manufactures two other rotors that will work with 5415 C:
Standard rotor F-45-18-11 for 18 tubes with an 11 mm diameter. Special rotor F-38-24-8 for 24 tubes with an 8 mm diameter. Special rotor F-38-30-6 for 30 tubes with a 6 mm diameter.
The 5415C is quite simple in design and features an on-off switch, a speed control, along with a momentary button.
5415C can run centrifuging cycles of up to 30 minutes in length. You can also run shorter bursts of time using the momentary button. The momentary button causes the centrifuge to accelerate to maximum speed. The speed of the centrifuge rotor is adjustable from 1,000 revolutions per minute (rpm) to 14,000 rpm.
For calculating rpm to g-force, or the other way around, it is helpful to know that the radius of the standard F-45-18-11 rotor is 7.3 cm. A conversion table can be found below for calculating g-force to rpm, otherwise, the relative centrifugal force (RCF) can be calculated from the centrifugal radius (r) and the rotational speed (n).
RCF = 1.118 – 10-5 – r – n2 The acceleration of gravity (g = 9.81 m · sec-2) is a measure for the RCF. The centrifugal force is expressed as a multiple of the acceleration of gravity.
centrifuge rpm to g-force conversion table

rcf table



Rotational speed (rpm) 220 V/50 Hz; 115 V/60 Hz continuously adjustable from 1,000 to 14,000 rpm (±1 %)
Acceleration time approx. 10 sec
Deceleration time approx. 15 sec
Power requirement 250 W
Dimensions height: 28.0 cm; width: 21.0 cm; depth: 28.5 cm
Weight 14.3 lbs (6.5 kg)


Eppendorf 5415C Centrifuge Manual




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