Beckman P/ACE MDQ Capillary Electrophoresis System

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The Beckman Coulter P/ACE MDQ capillary electrophoresis system has a modular design that can be quickly adjusted for research purpose or for routine use. The system comes with a photo diode array, selectable-wavelength UV/Vis detector with 200, 214, 254 and 280 nm filters, UV source optics, temperature-controlled sample storage module and a desktop controller with 32 Karat software. The P/ACE MDQ boasts a wide range of features, including multi-format sample introduction, methods development with 36 position buffer array, multiple separation modes, high sensitivity UV detector, GLP/CGMP compliance features, optional dual wavelength laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) detection system, specialized CE calculations, sample tray temperature control, electrokinetic, pressure and vacuum sample introduction, variable pressure and vacuum fluid delivery, diode-array detection, modular detectors plus a host of other features.

The automated multi-format sample introduction in P/ACE MDQ is carried out using well plates, 2 mL vials, PCR vials and 0.5 mL tubes. This versatility in sample introduction leads to easier sample handling, increased capacity and enhanced compatibility with automated sample preparation devices. The system features multiple separation modes – voltage, current, power, pressure, and vacuum. The high sensitivity UV detector with selectable wavelength allows varying wavelength during a run. The diode array detector is ideal for high-resolution spectral scanning without affecting resolution. A 36 position buffer array helps in automated methods development strategies while simultaneously maintaining sample capacity.



Modes of Operation: Constant/Gradient Voltageā€ ,Ā Constant/Gradient Currentā€ ,Ā Constant/Gradient Powerā€ ,Ā Variable pressure
Sample Introduction: Pressure, Vacuum, Electrokinetic
Voltage Range: 1 – 30 kV (1 – 10 kV for injections),Ā Programmable in 0.1 kV incrementsĀ Reversible voltage programmed through user interface.
Current Range: 3 – 300 Āµ Amps
Pressure Range: -5 to +100 psig (Rinse/Separations)Ā -5 to +25 psig (Sample Introduction)
Sample Temperature: 5Ā° C to 60Ā° C
Environment: (When ambient is defined as 25Ā° C.) Ā Sample temperature environment isĀ independent of the ambient bufferĀ environment.
System Capacity
Sample Tray: 2 x 96-well platesĀ 2 x 48 2 mL vials,Ā 2 x 48 0.5 mL vials,Ā 2 x 48 PCR vials,Ā Buffer Tray 2 x 36 2 mL vials,Ā 4 x 25 mL trays
Wavelength Range: Diode Array 190 – 600 nm
Detectors Diode Array, UV/Vis,Ā Laser-Induced Fluorescence
Dimensions Height 27.13 inches (68.90 cm)
Door Open 36.5 inches (92.70 cm)
Width 22.38 inches (56.83 cm)
Depth 24.13 inches (61.28 cm)
Weight (uncrated) 132 lbs. (60kg) without sampleĀ cooling optionĀ 155 lbs. (70.5kg) with sample
cooling option


Brochures / Data Sheets
P/ACEā„¢ MDQ Capillary Electrophoresis System
Anion and Cation Analysis
Chiral Analysis for Capillary Electrophoresis
eCap dsDNA 20,000 Kit – DNA Analysis by Capillary Electrophoresis

A Fast and Accurate Method for the Analysis of Organic Acids and Anions in Fermentation Broth
Capillary Electrophoresis with Indirect Ultraviolet Detection for Pharmaceutical Counterion Analysis
Capillary Electrophoresis with Laser-Induced Fluorescence Detection for Quality Analysis of Plasmid DNA
Electrophoretic Mobility: The Key to Reproducibility and Repeatability in Chiral Separations
Rapid Enantiomeric Separation of 101 Basic Drugs and Metabolites: A Generic Strategy Using Highly Sulfated Cyclodextrins
Rapid Enantiomeric Separation of Basic Drugs and Metabolites: A Universal Strategy for Ultra-Fast Method Development

Technical Application Information
Advancements in Forensic Toxicology: CZE Replaces GC/NPD as the Screen of Choice for Basic Drugs
Methods Development Strategy for Enantiomer Analysis


Technical Documents
Anion Analysis User’s Guide
Cation Analysis User’s Guide
Chiral Methods Development Kit User’s Guide
Ion Analysis Insert Kit
LIFluorā„¢ EnhanCE
P/ACEā„¢ MDQ Basic Training Workbook 32 Karatā„¢ 8.0
P/ACEā„¢ MDQ Capillary Performance Test Kit Instructions
P/ACEā„¢ MDQ Installation & Maintenance Guide
P/ACEā„¢ MDQ Installation and Maintenance Manual 32 Karatā„¢ 8.0
P/ACEā„¢ MDQ Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) Detector Manual
P/ACEā„¢ MDQ Pre-Installation Guide 32 Karatā„¢ Software
P/ACEā„¢ MDQ User’s Guide 32 Karatā„¢ 8.0
Using the SDS 14-200 Kit P/ACEā„¢ MDQ System
dsDNA 1000 Kit Care and Use Instructions
dsDNA 20,000 Kit Care and Use Instructions
ssDNA 100-R Kit Care and Use Instructions


Anion Analysis Files
Cation Analysis Files
CE Expert
Chiral Analysis Files


Cartridge Removal
Cartridge Installation
Installing the Cartridge Aperture
Changing the Coolant Tubing

Capillary Removal
Measuring the Capillary
Installing a Capillary
Trimming a Capillary
Capillary Storage
Cartridge Removal, Rebuild and Reinstallation
(combination of the above files)

Changing a Detector
Removing the Ejector and Electrode on the PA 800Ā plusĀ and PA 800Ā Enhanced
Replacing the Ejector and Electrode on the PA 800Ā plusĀ and PA 800Ā Enhanced


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