Novex Power Ease 500 Electrophoresis Power Supply

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This device is controlled by a microprocessor and is used to supply power during laboratory experiments in the electrophoresis processes, especially in electrophoresis of hand-poured mini-gel. It is very efficient in blotting processes. The device is simple to use but sophisticated in design to enable it to simplify the process of electrophoresis. The device is flexible and programmable by the operator. This feature is very important in running blotting applications and mini-gel. The process of electrophoresis is therefore controlled by the operator. This device is designed through the single gel concept, the same accommodates different values in terms of current, power, and voltage.

Novex Power Ease 500 is equipped with two sets output jacks; the sets enable the device to perform properly during the multiple mini-cell units electrophoresis through a constant supply of current, voltage and power. The device is also enabled to prevent overheating by itself when there is overheating, the Optimal Temperature Probe shuts the unit down. The probe monitors the temperature of the device. The device is also equipped with a microprocessor control which works to give accurate output in terms of electricity.

Novex Power Ease 500 Electrophoresis Power Supply has a large LCD display that indicates electrical parameters in numeric format; it can also give graphical illustrations of the same. While operating the device, the operator can choose to employ the use of any of the eight pre-programmed methods of blotting or running mini-gels. The maximum voltage for the device is 500V, maximum wattage is also 50W while the maximum current is 500mA.


Input Power
100–120 VAC: 100–120V, 50/60 Hz, 1.2 A at maximum load
Fuse: One 1A/250V/AGC fast blow fuse
220–240 VAC: 220–240VAC, 50/60 Hz, 0.5 A at maximum load

Fuses: Two 1A/250V/5 × 20 mm fast blow fuses
Output Range 1–500 V (minimum step size 1 V)
1–500 mA (minimum step size 1 mA)
0.1–50 W (minimum step size 0.1 W)
Automatic crossover on reaching set limits.

Accuracy Voltage: ± 2% or ± 2 volts
Current: ± 2% or ± 2 mA
Wattage ± 2% or ± 0.2 watt
Drift < 1% in 8 hours after 30 minute warm-up with constant supply voltage
Circuit Protection Open Circuit; Short Circuit; Thermal Protection
Over Voltage, Current, Wattage
Safety Load Detection
Thermal Shutoff (with optional temperature probe)
Isolated Floating Ground
Memory Control Non-volatile, up to 24 hours
Custom Methods Stored to RAM
Computer Interface RS232C
Display LCD, view area 114 x 64 mm
240 × 128 dots
Dimensions 16.5 cm (w) × 18 cm (h) × 20.5 cm (d)
Weight 2.9 kg (6.4 lbs)
Operating Ambient temperature 4–30°C, ≤80% relative
Environmental humidity, altitude < 2000 meters, indoor use only,
Conditions pollution degree 2

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