Thermo Shandon Cytospin 3

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The Thermo Shandon Cytospin 3 was the first device in its class to employ low-speed centrifugal force for separating and depositing a monolayer of cells on slides while preserving the cellular integrity in the process. The Cytospin 3 comes with multi-position cytofunnels that prevent cell loss by their capability to load in a tilted position. The cytofunnels deposit cells in an upright position during operation. This cytocentrifuge has a host of safety features like sealed head and a microbiological cabinet which protect the user against the risk of aerosoling pathogenic samples. The cytoclips have an easy loading and unloading process without making contact with the sample.

The Cytospin 3 can accommodate different sizes of samples as per the requirement. Disposable chambers come in sizes ranging from 0.1ml to 6ml, to match the collection requirements across a variety of samples. This cytocentrifuge can spin up to 24 samples in 12 chambers at a time and also uses microtitre strips. Some of the additional features of the Cytospin 3 are a 9-program memory and programmable acceleration speeds (200-2,000 rpm). This versatile device can be used across a wide range of applications such as hematology, oncology, cytology, rheumatology, histology, virology, serology, microbiology, and immunochemistry.





Height – Clearance

215mm (8 1/2 in)

560mm (22 in)


Width – Clearance

385mm (15 1/4 in)

405mm (16 in)


Depth – Clearance Weight (Kg)

495mm (19.5 in)

556mm (21.7/8 in)

18 Kg (39 3/4 lb)


Bench – 4 fixed feet




Voltages – (factory set)

150 VA

110 – 120 V ~

220 – 240 V ~

Frequency Fuse Type:

50/60 Hz

Mains Plug 110 – 120 V

220 – 240 V

5 Amp (UK instruments only) T2.0 Amp Slow Blow

T0.8 Amp Slow Blow


Switch Convention

= Power On

= Power Off


Indicator Panel

All Models

Membrane type, touch sensitive switches and LED




All Models

Sample Chamber 0.1 – 0.5 ml

Megafunnel 6.0 ml.


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