Beckman Z2 Particle Counter

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The Beckman Coulter Z2 allows users to count cells or particles. It is a dual threshold cell counter with channelyzer and computer interface capabilities. It uses the Electrical Zone Method, aka the Coulter Principal, which is the accepted “reference method” in the analysis of particle size in addition to a recommended limit test. The EZM for short counts and sizes based on changes in electrical resistance produced by cells that are in an electrolyte solution. The Z2 allows you to count and size cells between 1-200 microns, and gives absolute cell counts / concentrations.
The Z2 has a mercury-free metering system making it environmentally friendly, and is easily calibrated with the touch of a button. This automated calibration is done through NIST tracable standards which allows for easier use and verification. It is compact, measuring only 17.5 inches tall, by 10.4 inches wide, with a depth of 14 inches. It weights a mere 30 lbs making it a great benchtop counter. It accepts tube sizes of 200, 140, 100, 70, and 50 microns.
The accuracy of the Beckman Coulter Z2 falls within +/- 1% of reference, and it is more precise than 1% CV at meter volumes .5 & 1.0 ml. The user can store up to five analyses profiles and the Z2 also gives the user selectable sizing. The Z2 can measure the distribution of size in a cell population, provide graphic, size stats, counts, and also determine and count numbers falling outsize of certain sizes.
  • Constant current technology¬†eliminates calibration drift due¬†to electrolyte conductivity or¬†temperature changes.
  • The Mercury Free Metering¬†System is environmentally friendly¬†and inherently safe.
  • Recessed sample platform allows¬†sample vessels to be held safely¬†in place during analyses.
  • Small footprint for conservation¬†of valuable laboratory space in¬†today‚Äôs busy laboratory.
  • Automated calibration, using NIST¬†traceable standards, for increased¬†ease of use and instrument¬†verification.
  • Storage and automated recall of¬†up to 5 user specified instrument¬†settings (Profiles) for individual¬†cell lines.
  • Ability, using the Z2 model, to¬†average up to 10 replicate assays¬†for increased statistical confidence.
  • Acquisition,via Windows based¬†software, to the PC of both count¬†and size distribution results.¬†Available in the Z2 only.
  • Self contained, disposable¬†reagent paks enhance ease¬†of instrument use and ensures¬†convenient and safe biological¬†waste management.


Input Voltage within Set Range 100V, 120V, 230V, 240V a.c +10%, single phase.
Supply Frequency 47 to 63 Hz inclusive.
Operating Temperature 10EC to 35E C.
Relative Humidity 10% to 85% without condensation.
Electrolyte Solution Aqueous 1% to 5% sodium chloride, 2% to 5% sodium phosphates, ISOTON II, and ISOTON III
Particle Size Each size of aperture allows the measurement of particles in the approximate diameter range of 2%to 60% of the aperture diameter.
Location The instrument is placed on a bench that is not subject to(1) Strong vibrations or sounds of high intensity(e.g. ultrasonic baths and probes).(2) Excessive airborne dust.(3) Electrical interferences such as that causedby brush type motors, flickering fluorescentlights or arcing contacts, water baths, gaschromatographs or bleep paging systems.(4) Spillage or splashing.


Manual: Beckman Z2 Particle Counter Manual


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1 review for Beckman Z2 Particle Counter

  1. impactscience

    The z2 arrived within a week and looked nice and clean. They did a good job sprucing up and refurbishing this part best I can tell. Been using it for 3 months without any issue.

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